KOITOYA Japanese Woodworking Course

I have more than 10 years of teaching experience in Japan, and it is still my joy to have teaching opportunity. My teaching experience includes 10 years of full time lecturer in Gifu Academy of Forest, Science and Culture, and part time lecturer at the ANU since 2012. 
I am running a range of courses in the evenings and weekends.  The classes aim to give individual and focused support for students to gain skills and build knowledge in woodworking general. Experienced makers, as well as beginners are welcome. 






New Entry

Come and make Wagata Tray - We still have space for the workshop

Spoon Making class in May will be the last for this year! Come and join for May class!!

Sydney Workshop(1st: Jun) application open.

We are having 2nd Sydney Workshop in Sepember!

Green Woodwork Camp TBC, coming up soon.

2019 Both Night Class are full with current waiting list. Please apply for waiting list.








Apply through email!

Currently, waiting list to join both Night Class. Email for enquiry.


Night Class is for students of all levels to undertake their own project under expert tuition.  Beginners are welcome as well as experienced woodworkers with focused theme. Classes are limited to 6 students. You can belong to one of night class, Tuesday or Thursday. There are 8 to 10 classes per term, with 4 terms per year. Time 18:00 to 21:00. 3 HOURS. Material fees not included in price.


One night only : $75 per night (only when a space is available on the night)

Pay ahead for the term: $68 per night

Long term students discount: $60 per night (from 2nd year)

Pay by bank transfer through enquiry.

Flexible plan possible. -What if you missed the class or going on holiday?-

You can take an alternative night on Thursday to catch up your missing night. (Term fee is not refundable.)

Special make up day ready for free in the end of the year.

Examples of projects undertaken:
If you are unsure of an appropriate project, I can advise you on suitable projects appropriate to your level of skill.

BYO project

Bring your own project. The program typically start with at least a few nights tutoring in woodwork hand skills.

Past student’s project examples:

Kids bed with mortise and tenon joint, wooden puzzles, dovetail box, kid's chair, Shoji light, Japanese plane making, Sliding dovetail stool, tool making, kid’s chair, Japanese tool box, dining table

Popular program examples:

Japanese Tool Making takes 10-12 nights to make a 48mm smooth plane, spoke shave plane or marking gauge

Sliding dovetail stool making takes about 10 nights to make your own Round-plane and use it to make sliding dovetail joints

Mitred box takes 4-5 nights, good plane project

Box joinery takes 5-7 nights, good chisel project

Japanese straight edge

A year development program examples:

Term 1 : Tools basics

Term 2: Joinery practice

Term 3 -4: Small furniture design and making

2nd year: Table making, Chair design

TERM 1 $680    

TUESDAY: 5 FEB – 9 APR 2019,  10 x 3 hours sessions,  10 weeks.  

THURSDAY: 7 FEB –11 APR 2019, 10 x 3 hours sessions, 10 weeks.

TERM 2    $544

 TUESDAY: 30 APR – 18 JUN 2019,  8 x 3 hours sessions,  8 weeks.  

THURSDAY: 2 MAY – 20 JUN 2019,  8 x 3 hours sessions, 8 weeks.  

TERM 3   $544

TUESDAY: 2 JUL – 24 SEP 2019,  8 x 3 hours session,  8 weeks.  

THURSDAY: 4 JUL – 26 SEP 2019, 8 x 3 hours sessions, 8 weeks.

   Break: 4 weeks in 22 July-August, due to Hiroshi's work trip to Japan

TERM 4     $612

 TUESDAY: 15 OCT – 10 DEC 2018,  9 x 3 hours sessions,  9 weeks.  

THURSDAY: 17 OCT – 12 DEC 2019, 9 x 3 hours sessions, 9 weeks.





February, March, May in early 2019

4 nights x 3 hours, 4 Wednesday nights.

$250 for introduction, $100/90 for continuous students

Tutor: Nobuyuki Ohashi (Thor's Hammer)







Experience this class designed to purely enjoy woodwork!



Wagata Bon

Japanese Traditional Tray

1. 4 - 5 May 2019, 2 days

2. 28 - 29 Sep 2019, 2 days,

$260 (material included)



Stacking Box Making

6 - 7 Apr 2019, 2 days, total 12 hours, $260 (material included)

Finished. Come back in 2020!


Small Japanese Plane


9 –11 MAR 2019, 3 days, 9:00-17:00, $640 (material included)

Finished. Come back in 2020!

20170712_121818 (2).jpg

Chigiri Plate

2 days, 9:00-16:00, $280

1. 23-24 Feb 2019 Finished. Come back in 2020!

2. 30 Nov-1 Dec 2019 : FULL waiting list available

20180117_123251_001 (1).jpg

Japanese Plane Making in Sydney

Special occasion in Sydney

Coraboration with Japanese Tools Australia

8-10 & 15-16 JUN 2019, 5 days,

plus optional 6th day, 17 JUN

9:00-16:00, $1080 ($200 deposit for booking)


Sydney workshop 2

Focus on plane usage skills

Coraboration with Japanese Tools Australia

Save the date! 14-15 SEP 2019, 2 days,

9:00-16:00, $TBC


Green Woodwork Camp

Family friendly, Wagata Tray making at Sassafras Nuts Farm

26-27 OCT 2019, 2 days, $350 inc meal, kids program available